Here’s why a macOS user switched back to Ubuntu after 8 years



Apple’s macOS has been a great alternative for Windows. Those frustrated with maintaining broken Windows structures have adopted to Mac years back. But a macOS user has emerged who preferred switching to Ubuntu after over eight years of playing within boundaries set by Apple.

“Apple started pushing more bloated and intrusive apps. UX started turning into something I had never expected before. I used to be busy tweaking and customising stuff from terminal to suit my needs. That is when I decided to install a trustworthy Linux distribution on my Macbook,” writes Nicolas Perriault in his blog.

Perriault is a developer by profession and was an active Linux user a decade back. He made a shift from Linux to macOS one after repeatedly facing challenges in maintaining a broken system.

“I was a Linux user ten years ago but moved to being a Mac one, mainly because I was tired of maintaining an often broken system (hello xorg.conf), and Apple had quite an appealing offer at the time: a well-maintained Unix platform matching beautiful hardware, sought-after UX, access to editor apps like Photoshop and MS Office — best of both worlds,” Perriault describes.

The addition of bloatware and some “intrusive” apps helped the developer reach back the open source world. He found Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) as a great choice at that time. “It offered much more options for customisation,” he notes.

Perriault was not alone in the computing world. A large number of Linux users on Reddit shared their thoughts on the shift from macOS.

“Just about every Mac user I know is either considering switching back to Linux or has already,” a redditor writes in response to Perriault’s move.

Over eight billion users exist around the globe

There are more than eight billion users worldwide who are using Linux in some distinct form, as per the data estimated by Linux Counter. In the list of Linux distributions, Canonical’s Ubuntu is one of leaders. The operating system is available for not just desktops and notebooks but being featured also on the cloud and even on mobile devices and IoT developments.

In addition to the sky-high figures and extensive availability, Linux and its various flavours give users many customisations and access to advanced features. All this influences users to abandon proprietary operating systems.


  1. “There are more than eight billion users worldwide who are using Linux in some distinct form, as per the data estimated by Linux Counter.” Very interesting considering there are only seven billion people on this world


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