Microsoft Azure gets Kubernetes support

microsoft azure

microsoft azure with Kubernetes support

Microsoft has announced that it has added Kubernetes support to its Azure Container Service. The new development has expanded Azure with three major orchestration technologies, namely Windows Server Containers, Kubernetes and DC/OS — rivaling other public cloud platforms.

Kubernetes is one of the leading orchestrators in the world of containers. Though Google initially promoted the open source container cluster manager, companies like Baidu, Canonical and Intel recently added its support to grow with container applications. And now, it is Microsoft that has favoured Kubernetes for Azure.

Microsoft’s Azure team launched the preview support for Kubernetes back in November last year. That preview launch has helped the Redmond company improve the support and ultimately brought its general availability.

“With today’s news, we again deliver on our goal of providing our customers the choice of open source orchestrators and tooling that simplifies the deployment of container-based applications in the cloud,” said Saurya Das, program manager II, Azure Linux.

The Kubernetes support on Azure Container Service comes weeks after Docker debuted on Microsoft’s cloud platform. The newly formed combination would upgrade container management on Azure and give developers a reason to prefer Microsoft over Amazon and Google.

Upgrades for Windows Server Containers and DC/OS

Alongside bringing the Kubernetes support, Microsoft has brought the preview of Windows Server Containers to provide enterprise customers an additional choice in orchestrator using Azure Container Service. The Azure team has also updated the existing DC/OS support to version 1.8.8 to deliver an improved experience.

You can deploy an Azure Container Service cluster using the Azure portal or Azure CLI 2.0 and experience Kubernetes or other orchestrators including Windows Server Containers or DC/OS.


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