Linux kernel 4.10.3 brings updated graphics drivers


Linux 4.10.3 update

In a week following the release of Linux 4.10.2, the open source kernel has received the third maintenance update. The new Linux version mainly includes driver updates to deliver an improved experience.

Linux maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced that the 4.10.3 update brings a total of 94 file changes, 1076 insertions and 712 deletions. It includes updates to graphic drivers for Intel i915, Radeon, AMDGPU and vmwgfx. Also, there are some tweaks to NVDIMM, PHY, Broadcom wireless, InfiniBand, Bluetooth, Marvell Ethernet, HV and ACPI drivers.

Alongside the updates, Linux kernel 4.10.3 has architecture improvements for x86, s390 and Xtensa. The core kernel changes are also available within Andrew File System (AFS), autofs4, ceph, CIFS, Btrfs and OrangeFS file systems.

Users on the 4.10 kernel series are recommended to upgrade to Linux 4.10.3. OS vendors are also notified to download the source tarball and compile the latest kernel for their distro. Meanwhile, the latest kernel is already available in testing repository of Arch Linux.


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