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Linux 4.10 reaches end of life with its 17th maintenance update

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Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah Hartman has announced the last maintenance update to Linux 4.10 kernel series. The 17th maintenance update also marks the end of life of the series.

Linux 4.10 kernel is not a Long Term Support (LTS) branch. However, the kernel was honored as the Anniversary Edition by Linus Torvalds in February this year.

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The Linux 4.10.17 release is a major update in the 4.10 series. It brings a total of 103 files with 981 insertions and 538 deletions. There are various improvements to hardware architectures and filesystems as well as a bunch of updates to drivers.

You will get an updated experience while using drivers for USB, InfiBand, NVDIMM, crypto, MD, TTY and Bluetooth devices. Also, the list of improved hardware architectures includes x86, ARM, ARM64 and PowerPC.

Further, filesystems such as CIFS, Ceph, F2FS, JBD2, EXT4, OrangeFS and OverlayFS filesystems bring an improved support through the latest Linux release. The update also includes a few changes to the core kernel.

If you running a distribution with Linux 4.10, you are recommended to upgrade your system to Linux kernel 4.10.17. Its source tarball is available on the kernel.org website.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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