Apache CloudStack 4.11 version officially released

Apache CloudStack v4.11 is officially released by the open-source Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The first official Apache CloudStack release was version 4.0 which debuted in November 2012.
CloudStack has been part of the ASF since April 2012, when Citrix donated the technology to the open-source foundation. The release is announced almost after 8 months of diligent efforts.
“This release has been driven by the people operating CloudStack clouds,” Rohit Yadav, Apache CloudStack v4.11 Release Manager stated. “Along with great new features, v4.11 brings several important structural changes such as better support for systemd and Java 8, migration to embedded Jetty, and a new and optimized Debian 9 based systemvm template.”
As far as the features of the new CloudStack 4.11 are concerned, it has a new SSL/TLS certificate authority (CA) framework. It also possess improved security feature with an enhanced virtual router. This makes the use of the open-source strongswan IPsec remote access VPN (virtual private network).
The Apache CloudStack project has been benefiting over the years from the contributions of multiple users that continue to add new code to the project. The release 4.11 is another example of the combined efforts.
CloudStack 4.11 now has a cloud metrics exporter for the open-source Prometheus cloud monitoring project. Prometheus is a project hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is typically used alongside Kubernetes container orchestration deployments.    Read more…


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