Pakistan Among Fastest Growing Countries in Open-Source Projects


GitHub has released a report named, “The State of the Octoverse” which gives an overview of various aspects of open-source activity like popular programming languages and how countries are performing in terms of open source activities.

According to a report titled, “The State of the Octoverse” by GitHub, Pakistan has secured the fourth rank in terms of percentage growth of open source projects on GitHub, year on year. The report says that Pakistan’s open source projects has seen a 41 per cent growth over last year. Pakistan is also one of the fastest growing nations in terms of contributors to open source projects with a 71 per cent increase from last year.

Open source projects in developing countries

The report by GitHub gives us an overview on open source activity that has been taking place on in the world over the past one year. It intends to encourage open source culture and to highlight the importance of contributing to open source projects, especially in developing countries.

Nigeria tops

Nigeria has topped the list with a 59 per cent growth followed by Iran and Kenya securing a 44 per cent growth. Indonesia stood third with a 42 per cent year-on year growth. The report also gives statistics on popularity of programming languages. This year, Python overtook Java to become the second most popular language to be used in open source projects while JavaScript retained the top spot.


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