Making Interactive Fiction With Twine: A Free Open Source Tool


Like a chestburster, everyone has a game inside them ready to be released. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of creating a game, particularly one with visuals. Fortunately, there is a method to make a fun game out of just words. Let’s have a look at a programme that could be able to assist you.

Anyone can make a game with Twine, even if they don’t know how to code. Do you remember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novels from your childhood? That is, in essence, how Twine operates.

You write a succession of sections, which might be as simple as a single sentence or as complex as a wall of text. You’ve given each of these sections a name so that you can keep track of them. Then you connect these tunnels and create multiple paths for the player to choose from based on their choices.

Creating a new passage is as simple as enclosing a statement in double brackets, as in [[Let’s continue!]]. “Let’s continue!” is the connection to the new passage in this case, and that statement becomes the title of the new passage.

Use the following format to do so: [[Let’s continue!|start-journey]]. To proceed to the passage marked start-journey, click the words “Let’s continue!” in this example.

When you’re finished, save the game as an HTML file and share it with your friends or upload it to More advanced options are available to create more complex games. These characteristics include:

  • Support for variables
  • Input boxes to get information from the player
  • if…then statements
  • Loops and more

It’s also worth noting that Twine employs a variety of Story Formats. A Story format is essentially a game engine baked into the HTML page that allows the game to function. There are three storey formats available in Twine:

  • SugerCube — Inspired by early Twine versions, this format allows the player to save progress and other capabilities.
  • Chapbook — This format is intended for newer users and includes sophisticated features.
  • Harlowe — This is the default format, and it was created with novices in mind.
  • Snowman – This format is suited to game developers that have a good understanding of JavaScript and CSS. Create a customized playing experience with this format.


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