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Linux kernel 4.9.5 is out with updated drivers and architecture improvements

Linux kernel 4.9 series has received a new maintenance update. The new version, Linux 4.9.5, brings a total of 132 file changes, 821 deletions...

Linux update for AMD Polaris 12 in works

It appears that the Linux community is set to receive a native presence on the latest AMD Polaris 12 architecture. Ahead of any official...

Linux kernel gets fix for serious DoS vulnerability

The Linux community has received a patch for a security hole that could cause a denial of service (DoS) attack. Linux distributions that are...

Linux 4.8.12 brings updated drivers and performance improvements

Linux kernel 4.8 has just received the 12th maintenance update. The new update comes just five days after the release of kernel 4.8.11. Although Linux...

Linux 4.8.7 now out with several driver updates

Following some initial hiccups, the open source community has now got much stability on the 4.8 series through Linux 4.8.7. The new kernel update...