Going Mobile-Friendly: How Responsive Web Design And HTML5 Are Related

You probably have heard, Google has announced that the rankings in mobile search results will change from April 21st 2015. It is believed that when search via mobile devices are considered, it must…


It’s Easy to Scale Out a MongoDB Deployment

MongoDB is a unique NoSQL open source database, which is scalable and adaptable. It is an application of choice for many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. In this, our second article in…


Customising OpenSSL for the Real World

The OpenSSL project is a robust collective effort that seeks to develop a commercial grade, fullfeatured toolkit implementation of SSL and TSL. This article is a detailed introduction to OpenSSL. Apart from introducing…


Haskell: The Purely Functional Programming Language

Haskell, an open source programming language, is the outcome of 20 years of research. It has all the advantages of functional programming and an intuitive syntax based on mathematical notation. This article flags…


Be Cautious while using Bit Fields for Programming

In this article, the author tells embedded C programmers why writing code involving bit fields needs to be done carefully, failing which the results may not be as expected. However, bit fields are…

MongoDB: The Most Popular NoSQL Database

MongoDB: The Most Popular NoSQL Database

Here are the basics of MongoDB, the database used by thousands of organisations, including 30 of the top 100 companies in the world. Many of the world’s most innovative Web companies use MongoDB….

Embark on Your Programming Journey with AMP

Embark on Your Programming Journey with AMP

Here is an insight into running Apache, MySQL and PHP (AMP) on Windows. The author leads readers through his own experience to point out where the pitfalls are. This article is particularly useful…

Be a Proficient Web 2.0 Developer!

Be a Proficient Web 2.0 Developer!

This article walks readers through the requisites of a good Web developer. For those who wish to make a career as a Web developer, it is a must-read!   Like many scientific concepts,…

Python Requests: Interacting with the Web Made Easy

Python Requests: Interacting with the Web Made Easy

‘’Requests’’ is an Apache 2 HTTP library written in Python. Delve deeper into the topic and learn how it can be installed, and how Python Requests can be used to your advantage. Python…


Create Your First App with Android Studio

Android Studio is a new Android development environment developed by Google. It is based on IntellJ IDEA, which is similar to Eclipse with the ADT plugin. Let’s get familiar with the installation of…

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