CoreOS makes Kubernetes a one-stop solution for enterprises



CoreOS has released Tectonic 1.3 as the latest version of its infrastructure platform to let enterprises start deploying Google’s Kubernetes on their private cloud solutions. The new move will take the open source container cluster manager to new levels.

Tectonic 1.3 comes with a role-based access control (RBAC) authorisation framework to let entrepreneurs easily manage the rights of their users on a cluster. The new version also has better LDAP support to enhance authentication infrastructure and etcd cluster configuration store to improve scalability performance. Further, there is a graphical installation tool to offer easy installation of the container cluster manager and some cluster-native monitoring capabilities.

“CoreOS continues to work alongside companies seeking an enterprise Kubernetes solution,” said Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, in a statement. “We’re working with the Kubernetes community to drive enterprise-minded features in the project. With our mission to bring the benefits of GIFEE container cluster infrastructure to today’s businesses, we guide and work together with companies on their long-term strategies to adopt modern infrastructure, ready for production requirements.”

In addition to the new platform, CoreOS has updated Tectonic Console to provide a high-level graphical view of the state of cluster to all levels of infrastructure team members. There are Distributed Trusted Computing (DTC) node status and one-touch access to scale cluster application deployments.

Developers and enthusiasts can try the benefits of the updated Tectonic using Tectonic Starter. This plan is available for free access with Tectonic Console and Kubernetes integration.

Last month, OpenStack distributor Mirantis announced its partnership with Google and Intel to utilise Kubernetes through Docker containers. The company combined the platform designed by Google with its Fuel to give customers a new delivery model that enables faster consumption of updates.


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