Xsens Releases MT Software Suite 2019 for all MTi products


MT Software Suite 2019 comes with new open source XDA (Xsens API) that allows users to modify, extend and compile XDA on nearly any platform.

Open source XDA (Xsens Device API)

 Leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology Xsens has released MT Software Suite 2019 with several new features.

The new suite is a fully upgraded version of the existing software package for Xsens’ MTi-series of industrial motion trackers.

It provides for the first time an open-source applications programming interface (API) to enable users to develop applications to run on many embedded computing platforms, ee News Europe reported.

New features include:

  • Open source XDA (Xsens API) that allows users to modify, extend and compile XDA on nearly any platform, including the commonly used ARM architectures.
  • Extended MT SDK including new Python and ROS examples
  • Improved NMEA support for easy third-party equipment integration
  • Upgraded MFM (Magnetic Field Mapper) showing live feedback
  • Updated visual interface of MT Manager software for improved usability

The new open XDA also enables users to see what is going on inside the API, and follow the communication flow between a motion tracker module and a host processor.

Architecture of the latest iteration of the XDA

Xsens released the MT Software Suite 2019 together with new stable Firmware versions for the full MTi portfolio. The latest Firmware versions are MTi 1-series (incl. MTi-7): Firmware version 1.4.0 and MTi 10/100-series (incl. MTi-G-710): Firmware version 1.10.0

The company claims that a large amount of bugs have been fixed in the latest MTSS and Firmware release.




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