Deutsche Telekom Rolls Out 5G on Kubernetes with Weaveworks


Deutsche Telekom rolls out Kubernetes optimised for cloud native 5G deployments with its partner Weaveworks. This enhancement to the 5G telco cloud follows the $36M investment in Weaveworks by Telekom Innovation Pool (Deutsche Telekom’s strategic investment fund) together with other regional and global telcos.

5G brings a new level of integrated infrastructure and services to the cloud. Mobile operators like Deutsche Telekom are using Kubernetes and GitOps for faster and more flexible network deployment while overcoming the hurdles delaying 5G deployments.

Deutsche Telekom claims to be the first global telco running Kubernetes across both its core and edge sites to deliver multiple use cases through a single telco-grade platform. Deutsche Telekom and Weaveworks collaborated to achieve a fully open, GitOps-enabled, distributed Kubernetes Cluster-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform at massive scale, allowing 1000’s of application owners and vendors to securely deploy workloads and other services on-prem and on top of Virtual Machines (VM) or bare-metal servers.

Built using Weaveworks’ automated application and platform management solution, Weave GitOps Enterprise (among others) makes possible cost-effective innovation though continuous application delivery and operations with full control and transparency, the company said.


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