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The Rise of Edge Analytics

In applications like driving or surveillance, where decisions need to be made in real-time and on the spot, edge analytics scores over the cloud....

Blockchain in Digital Advertising for Accurate Targeted Ads

Blockchain allows media platforms to host accurate targeted ads, maximising eCPM for better monetisation of their website traffic, which would increase ROI (Return On...

Top Emerging Open Source Technologies

This article covers emerging open source technologies—the many trends that drive success today and will do so in the future. These range from how...

The Story Behind the All-pervasive AI

The invention of the digital computer has been one of the defining moments of the modern era. It all started off by building a...

Surfing the Digital Wave with ADDC

The application driven data centre (ADDC) is a design whereby all the components of the data centre can communicate directly with an application layer....