Integral Announces The Company’s First 0pen Source Project, Robin AI

Robin AI

Integral Healthcare has released Robin AI, an AI pull request reviewer in the form of a super-fast lightweight GitHub action.

Integral has announced Robin AI, the company’s first open source project that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to review code changes, powered by GPT, and offers human-like feedback.

Robin AI, reviews code changes and provides constructive feedback to improve the code. The tool uses advanced natural language processing capabilities to review codes, is powered by GPT, and offers human-like feedback.

What’s new with Robin AI?

The tool performs best in JavaScript repositories and is designed to streamline workflows and focus on creating high-quality software. With the code review process automated, engineering teams can save time and resources while improving the quality of their software.

Robin AI was initially developed as an internal tool to assist Integral’s engineers in writing performant and robust code. After surpassing expectations in improving code quality and development efficiency, Integral decided to share Robin AI with the engineering community by making it an open source project. As a ready-to-use GitHub action, Robin AI offers a seamless integration that can be implemented immediately.

Integral’s co-founder and CTO, John Kuhn, said, “Because it serves as a trusty partner in enhancing the code development processes, we named the project after Batman’s sidekick Robin. It has served us well in boosting product velocity and reducing production bugs for Integral’s engineering team. By open-sourcing the software, we hope that developers worldwide can automate and optimize their code change reviews, increasing quality and productivity.”

Robin AI has already garnered valuable feedback from private repositories like Factored Quality, further refining its capabilities.


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