SensiML Open-Sources TinyML Auto ML Tools


This move provides developers with powerful resources to create intelligent devices, fostering innovation and accelerating the deployment of smart IoT solutions. 

SensiML CEO Chris Rogers discussed the company’s decision to open-source a significant portion of its TinyML toolchain. He delves into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He focused on how the company’s open-source AutoML tools can accelerate the adoption of ML in IoT devices.The company’s flagship offering, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, provides a comprehensive development platform for IoT devices, covering data collection, labeling, algorithm and firmware generation, and testing. By open-sourcing Analytic Studio, it aims to foster community collaboration to enhance its features and facilitate the deployment of ML even in the smallest devices.

The open-source initiative aligns with the broader trend in the tech industry toward greater transparency and community-driven development. SensiML’s tools are designed to be hardware-agnostic, supporting various platforms, including Arm Cortex-M class microcontrollers, Intel x86-based CPUs, and QuickLogic’s S3 platform. He also discussed developments in IoT chip design, such as ARM’s new Ethos-U85 microNPU, which supports transformer operations to bring generative AI models to IoT devices. The Ethos-U85 boasts four times the performance of its predecessor and is 20% more power-efficient.The company’s decision to open-source its TinyML tools is a significant step toward democratizing IoT development. 

Chris Rogers highlighted the challenges in the TinyML market, including resource constraints, the need for extensive data collection, and the skill set gap among developers. By leveraging open-source models, SensiML hopes to address these challenges and accelerate the development of intelligent IoT devices. The company envisions a collaborative environment where developers can contribute to and benefit from advancements in TinyML technology.


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