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The 9th Anniversary Special. Key Highlights: Top 10 Android Phones, Top 10 Security Vulnerability Scanners, Top 11 Open Source Applications For Daily Use, Top 5 Open Source Tools For Windows, Easy Tips: How To Deploy Kinect Sensor with Linux… and a lot more!

Exploring Software: Easier Healthcare Using IT

This article is not so much about trying out any software as about the need we all feel for reliable care-givers for the elderly...

Hackers and the Open Source Revolution

This piece corrects the confusion created by mainstream media between "hacker" and "cracker". It also considers the history, nature, attributes, ethics and attire of...

Top 10 Security Assessment Tools

Modern data centres deploy firewalls and managed networking components, but still feel insecure because of crackers. Hence, there is a crucial need for tools...

Cyber Attacks Explained: DNS Invasions

We often read about defaced websites whose pages get changed to some malicious content. How do hackers do it and how do we protect...