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Want to Build an AI System? Use These Languages and Frameworks

There are a number of open source programming languages available that can be used to create powerful artificial intelligence based solutions. If you are...

Assembly Language Programming in Linux: An Overview

One often comes across a lot of ads encouraging children to learn programming, which can be a very useful skill to have these days....

Using MinGW for C Programming in Windows

Though Windows and Linux are often perceived as incompatible with each other, it is possible to run free and open source software on Windows....

Simple C Programming Tips for Newbies

Many programmers begin their romance with code by learning C. The author suggests a few tips for newbies so they can avoid bad coding...

How do Arrays Decay into Pointers?

This article is for C programming newbies and enthusiasts. It deals with how arrays are passed as parameters to a function decays into pointers. Many...

Be Cautious while using Bit Fields for Programming

In this article, the author tells embedded C programmers why writing code involving bit fields needs to be done carefully, failing which the results...

“IBM will continue to invest in open source technology projects”

IBM is one of those companies that banks big on open source technology. Those at the helm know this is where the future of...

Heterogeneous Parallel Programming: Dive into the World of CUDA

A previous article in this series titled ‘Introducing NVIDIAs CUDA' covered the basics of the NVIDIA CUDA device architecture. This article covers parallel programming...

Linux Network Stack Administration: A Developer’s Approach

This article explores the various methods of managing the networking stack using application-level C programs, kernel-level C programs, the proc filesystem, etc.