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Microsoft and KPMG are Working on Quantum Cloud Projects for Business

Microsoft and KPMG are working together to explore and solve common business problems utilising quantum-inspired optimisation techniques available through Azure Quantum. Optimisation problems are found...

The Cloud is a Great Platform for Quantum Computing

Most routine applications are being deployed on the cloud today to avoid the complexities of maintaining data centres, servers, and network infrastructure. This article...

A Cyber Security Perspective on Quantum Computing

Along with the immense promise of quantum computing come the enhanced security threats too. This has opened up a whole new field known as...

Microsoft Open Sources its Quantum Development Kit

By releasing the Kit on Github, the company is trying to make it easy for developers to engage with and contribute to its quantum...

Atos Launches New Program to Democratise Quantum Programming

myQLM, derived from Atos QLM simulator, is a python programming language environment for developing and simulating quantum programs Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, announced...

D-Wave brings quantum computing to open source world

Quantum computing is still a concept for many. But D-Wave Systems, a company known for developing solutions for quantum physics, has released the code...