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Introduction to Selenium: an open source web automation tool

Selenium is a software testing framework for Web applications. One of its advantages is that you don’t have to know any test scripting language....

Install Selenium WebDriver and enjoy advantages

The addition of a Web driver API to Selenium 2.0 has enabled it to provide a simpler, more concise programming interface in addition to...

Exploring Software: A Software Engineer’s Toolkit

Software engineering recommendations have not changed. The issues and concerns have been known for years. However, with the availability of excellent tools, it is...

Testing Your Databases with DbUnit

DbUnit is ideal as an add-on testing framework when developing applications in Java-based languages, which rely heavily on databases. This article assumes that the...

The Selenium Web Application Testing Framework

The more Web applications we use, the more tools are needed to automate the testing process, for which there are many options that simplify...

Automate Testing Web Apps with WebTest

WebTest lets developers write XML-based test suites so quickly, it's almost fun! Virtually everyone uses a browser every time the computer is switched on --...