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Slack ties up with Google to enhance cloud-integrated experience

Slack, a popular team collaboration tool, has announced its strategic partnership with Google. The new development is aimed to offer enterprises and organisations "deep...

Google Cloud to get training resources through Qwiklabs

Google has acquired Qwiklabs to expand its cloud offerings. The company provides hands-on lab learning environments for cloud platforms. Carlisle, Massachusetts-based Qwiklabs offers step-by-step hands-on...

Google, Intel on track to expand Kubernetes

Google has announced its strategic alliance with Intel to expand Kubernetes. Both the companies are aiming to ultimately accelerate adoption of the cloud among...

Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji steps down to join Google

Google Cloud could soon get deeper open source integrations as Sam Ramji, founding CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation, has just debuted on the board...

Google launches Cloud Machine Learning Group to foster AI practices

Google has launched its Cloud Machine Learning Group. The initiative is designed to create a community of developers around cloud-based machine learning and encourage...